Now some questions about Mitchell Gomes if we may

We refer to the previous blog Another Mitchell Gomes thieving story and would like to ask some questions if we may:

  1. How many times has this happened with this lowlife roaming around the club in a position of authority?
  2. How many times has it happened but never been reported because the unsuspecting customer didn’t know what credits they had on the machine?
  3. This occurrence was common knowledge on the gaming floor so if we have been able to sniff out the thief just what were Veloz and Daniel Graham doing?
  4. What consequences will there be for Veloz given that he parachuted Gomes into the job?
  5. Will Clubs NSW reimburse any customers robbed by Gomes?
  6. Will the committee be told of this thieving and sacking?

The answer to number 6 is probably not. But even if they are informed the chances are that they would be proud of Mitchell Gomes because they have been so proud of every other thief they employed and protected. You don’t need to look any further than Guilfoyle and Veloz for real life examples of thieves rewarded for, well, thieving.

For more thieving stories you might have please see The Mole who will be in City Tatts every day this week, except Friday.

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SR Group to launch NSW Bookmakers Superannuation Fund class action

If you were caught up in the NSW Bookmakers Superannuation Fund shenanigans we have some news for you. The Mole has been out and about and can now release details of the class action to gain compensation.

Apparently there were 1800 members of the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund when Kennedy, Buxton, Hayes-Williams, and Mueller robbed it. If you were one of those 1800 people who were robbed now is your chance for redemption.

The SR Group are launching a closed group action against the fund trustees who simply stole from the fund.

For more information or to join the group action you can contact SR Group but don’t delay because things are hotting up and the action will be taking place within a matter of weeks.

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Another Mitchell Gomes thieving story

Another day, another story about Mitchell Gomes and his thieving.

A month before he was suspended and subsequently sacked for stealing he grabbed a poker machine voucher that was left behind by an unsuspecting customer.

The customer was a member and thought that when they left the gaming floor the credits they had on the machine amounting to $80 were now on the membership card. Unfortunately this was not the case because the credits failed to download onto the membership card. The customer walked away thinking they did download.

Just a short time later Mitchell Gomes noticed the credits on the machine. He printed the ticket from the machine using the automatic printing system built into the machine. He then kept the ticket for cashing later.

The whole thing came unstuck when the customer returned and presented their membership card. The cashier on duty tried to verify the money on the card but couldn’t because there was nothing on it. Instead Mitchell Gomes was walking around the club with the voucher in his pocket.

Did Mitchell Gomes advise the team of his find? No he didn’t. This shows his intention was to steal the voucher and cash it at a later time. He was exposed only because the customer came back looking for the money.

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After Kirsty met Tony (2)

Cindy Guilfoyle told the whole story in one sentence. That sentence was “He was so mean to his family”. Enough said.

This prick would masquerade in public as a charming host, bullshitting through those teeth of his with the fake cheesy grin all over his face. But at home it seems he was more of a monster. More to come on this as we are just checking the details.

When Cindy sold the family home in Nicholson Parade, Cronulla as part of the divorce settlement, and the mortgage was paid back to the bank, she only got enough to purchase a small unit in the chop up. We won’t divulge where the unit is because that’s her business and we respect that, but it’s not in a blue riband seat like Nicholson Parade, Cronulla.

Now just consider that. This buffoon Guilfoyle was on in excess of $600k per year for over ten years and he didn’t own his own home outright? His wife had to settle for a small home unit in the settlement? This after giving birth to five children and devoting her adult life to him and his children? This is rather demeaning for the poor woman but she wants her story told so Kirsty knows just what she is getting into, and what she can expect in the future with this asshole.

So how smart is he? When he met Cindy they were good together. This is obvious because they did bring five children into the world, didn’t they? When they parted after their final visit to the divorce courts he had no home, no family, no rock which Cindy was for so long, nothing. He did have a few kids who said they would stick by him but they do this in words only. In truth they will never forget what he did to their mother, nor should they.

You are probably wondering what he does today to make a living. We know and we will tell all soon. We just want to get the full story first.

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After Kirsty met Tony (1)

Old Guilfoyle was sick of Purdy, he’d had enough. His missus, Cindy, knew all about the affair with Purdy because it was common knowledge around the club. What happened next was typical Guilfoyle.

He denied it!

True to form he made up a bullshit story and told it as if it was nothing but the truth. He probably convinced himself along the way, and if you know him well enough you will know this is what he did constantly. Just make up a story that fitted and along the way convince himself and everyone else it was right.

He was less and less interested at home and that was a giveaway. In fact he had totally lost interest in his home life. His wife knew it and she just waited for the right time to pounce and kick him right in the balls and leave him.

Just prior to Cindy throwing him out he knew something wasn’t right. He smelt a rat and was preparing, just like a cunning rat prick would. When the axe fell on the marriage he started drinking heavily, arriving to work late and leaving early. He did have Kirsty as company though, in his rented residence at Centennial Park.

Just imagine the lies he told Kirsty about why the marriage failed. All bullshit.

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Bookmakers Superannuation Fund Class Action?

We keep hearing reports that a class action by disgruntled members of the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund will soon be in the courts.

Admittedly we have heard this on and off for about ten years but this time it might really be happening.

The Bookmakers Superannuation Fund has been featured many times on this blog, most recently in Worried about AMP? What about the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund?

We don’t claim to be experts on superannuation but we do have a lot of experience of fraud and the BSF “promotion”scheme was an obvious fraud.

As mentioned above there are many blogs on this site explaining every detail of the scheme and why it is almost certainly illegal. Basically John Kennedy, former Chairman of City Tatts, and his three amigos, Peter Hayes-Williams, Peter Mueller and Ian Buxton, saw the growing pile of money in the BSF and set up a skim operation to get some of it for themselves.

We could never understand why ASIC or APRA never took action against the four organisers of the fraud. But it now seems that with limited resources, and so much misbehaviour in the finance sector, they just couldn’t investigate everything. Now that the government is promising extra funding to tackle such misbehaviour John Kennedy and the three amigos must be a little nervous. And it might be a good time for BSF members to contact ASIC and APRA again.

But let’s be clear on one point, the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund skim operation was a lot worse than anything that went on at AMP, or NAB, or IOOF.

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Mitchell Gomes sacked for stealing

Don’t believe any bullshit put out by the club about the departure of Mitchell Gomes. He was sacked for stealing. It’s as pure and simple as that. What he was sacked for is just pathetic.

He was sacked for stealing money from the club’s safe area in the pokies, and robbing wallets found in the club at different times.

Take this as fact.

This lowlife was going into the safe area and removing handfuls of coins from buckets of loose coins. He also cleaned out wallets that were found on the gaming floor. On one occasion just recently he stole money from a wallet handed to him. When the owner came forward Gomes swore there was nothing in it. The customer told us another story. According to the customer there was $260 in the wallet when it was lost, but nothing when it was handed back to the customer.

This puzzled us so much we rang Confucius to get his advice. All he would say is “Very difficult to keep anything in wallet with Mitchell Gomes around. How he keep job so long me think ‘mazing”.

Well Confucius we think it “mazing” too. You might expect that when someone got the job in the first place because of their daddy the thieving would stop, for the sake of family pride if nothing else. But when you get that job at a thieving factory disguised as a registered club the culture just seems to encourage more thieving, doesn’t it?

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