Mark Cooper was CEO in his spare time!

It is now 3 years since Tony Guilfoyle was marched off the premises along with his “marketing manager”.

Here is one member’s take on that episode:

“There is one astonishing fact associated with Guilfoyle’s departure that got very little attention: Mark Cooper was CEO for the next nine months – in his spare time. Yes, he was CEO of City Tatts for nine months while he continued as financial controller – and didn’t need any additional staff to help him.”

“Just consider what this is telling us. Either,

  1. The City Tatts CEO role is so easy anyone can do it in their spare time, or
  2. Mark Cooper has so much free time he can do any other job in the club along with his own”

“Regarding (1) above, this is a real possibility. There were persistent reports that Tony Guilfoyle only spent three days a week in the club. And when he was there most of his time was taken up defending himself against members.”

“And one more thing, at the time Guilfoyle was on a salary of $600,000, making him the highest-paid CEO of a single club in New South Wales.”

City Tatts Information Desk


The company you keep

Maybe someone should have a word with Marcelo Veloz.

He got a mention in the Sydney Morning Herald on March 14th for attending a Labor Party event hosted by Michael Daley. A few members commented that they didn’t think it was a good idea for City Tatts to be associated with the NSW Labor Party. But it’s a free country so if he wants to attend that’s his right.

What is more interesting is that he turned up with Peter Newell.

Who is Peter Newell, you may ask? Well Peter Newell is head of ClubsNSW and, more to the point, Chairman of Illawarra Steelers Rugby Club.

Last October the Illawarra Steelers were hit with the largest fine ever for breaches of gaming regulations. In particular they were allowing gamblers to borrow on their credit cards by disguising it as a purchase.

ClubsNSW put out a statement stressing that Peter Newell had no knowledge of these breaches. That may be true since the person directly involved was CEO Scott Miles. Miles is currently in jail for stealing from the club. However common sense would suggest that if Newell really didn’t know anything about this then he is probably not capable of being Chairman of Illawarra Steelers, or anything else.

So let’s review all this. The Illawarra Steelers have:

  • A Chairman who knows nothing about numerous illegal practices that went on in his club for years
  • A CEO who was robbing the place

Does that remind you of anywhere?

Hanging out with someone who presided over the worst breaches ever of the Registered Clubs Act is hardly a good look for a City Tatts CEO.

People might start to think City Tatts and Illawarra Steelers are sister clubs!

City Tatts Information Desk

Is Patrick Campion morally fit to hold the position of Chairman?

Returning to the issue of whether Patrick Campion is fit to be Chairman of City Tattersalls Club, is it possible he doesn’t understand the reports presented to him each month? It’s possible, but unlikely because he is a lawyer and if he can operate in a legal environment surely he can read a basic financial report?

So if he can understand the reports he is given, and considering he has been given over 160 of each one, just how did he fail to see the mismanagement, overspending and largesse under Tony Guilfoyle? And very little has changed under Marcelo Veloz.

Maybe the question should be: Is Patrick Campion morally fit to hold the position of Chairman?

Just consider staff morale under Guilfoyle. It was bad. Now look at staff morale under Veloz. It is even worse. Does Campion really not know about the Chilean informers being deployed at City Tatts to protect Veloz from scrutiny?

Seriously, is Campion for real? The best way to prove he is fair dinkum would be to fall on his sword now. He has had more than enough time to make things right and either he decided to turn a blind eye to the rorts and mismanagement or he is simply not able to notice the problems everyone else can see.

It really is time to hand on the baton but that’s not so simple. A new Chairman might decide to come clean on everything that has gone on since 2004 and that could be very bad news for Campion.

City Tatts Information Desk

Is Patrick Campion mentally fit to hold the position of Chairman?

The burning question is this: Is Patrick Campion mentally fit to hold the position of Chairman of City Tattersalls Club?

To give you some assistance answering this here are a few facts to consider:

  • Patrick Campion has been on the board of City Tatts for 20 years
  • During that time he has been eligible to sit at 200 odd board meetings
  • At each meeting he has been presented with the minutes of the previous meeting
  • At each meeting he has been presented with financials for the previous month
  • At each meeting he has been presented with financials for the year to date
  • At each meeting he has been presented with the current balance sheet
  • At each meeting he has been presented with the current month’s CEO report
  • At each meeting he has been presented with the current month’s poker machine report

Now is there any other report possibly required to be informed about the club? Rest assured there isn’t.

Now moving along, let’s assume that Campion missed 20% of the meetings he was eligible to attend. That is a very liberal assessment but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he wasn’t available for 40 meetings. That still leaves 160 meetings attended.

Now given that he has attended 160 meetings over 20 years, and had all the details contained in the arsenal of reports listed above, just how has the club ended up in such dire straits?

This is an important question.

City Tatts Information Desk

Mark Cooper is not a financial controller: The biggest failure of all

Mark Cooper failed repeatedly as “financial controller”. The club’s perilous financial situation is proof of that.

But he will probably be remembered for his biggest failure of all: The worst property deal ever by a club.

To call it a bad deal would be giving it way too much credit.

If you are new to City Tatts and want to know just how bad this deal is consider this:

Pat Campion and Tony Guilfoyle got so little for parting with the Club’s prized site the club would have to borrow to fit-out its own floors in the new building.

So it would be crippled financially from day one in the new building.

Meanwhile the developer, Mirvac, would keep all the profits from the sale of 250 apartments in the centre of the Sydney CBD.

And the Chinese developer got the exact same deal when Mirvac walked away.

If Mark Cooper was a real financial controller he would have rejected this insane deal within five minutes.

And if Campion and Guilfoyle insisted on going ahead with it any real financial controller would have to resign.

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Annual General Meeting 2019

The Annual General Meeting of the Club will be held on Tuesday 28 May 2019.

Any member who wants a matter to be discussed at that meeting must give written notice to the Secretary, Marcelo Veloz, at least 21 days before the last Friday in April ie. before Friday 5 April 2019.

Financial questions must be submitted to the Secretary 7 days before the meeting.

Nominations for election to the Committee must be received by the Returning Officer, Phillip Binns, by Thursday 4 April 2019.

Any Gold Member is eligible to stand for election.

City Tatts Information Desk

How one member would handle advertising and promotion

This is what one member had to say about advertising and promotion at City Tatts:

“When it comes to advertising and promotion they are just going round in circles. They’re trying to solve a problem with more of the same problem.”

“This is what I would do.”

“First I would sack everyone who had a background in advertising or marketing! Because it’s clear most of what they learned is useless for clubs. It might be great for some multinationals but it’s useless for clubs.”

“Next, I would talk to members and ask them what they like and don’t like about City Tatts today.”

“Then, even more importantly, I would talk to a sample of ex-members (there are over 15,000 of them!) and ask them why they didn’t renew.”

“If you did those two simple things and applied a small amount of common sense you would have the basis of a good strategy for promoting the club.”

“And if you wanted to round it out, all you have to do is spend a little time in other clubs that seem to be going well and notice what is working for them, and what isn’t.”

“Then, as a final cross-check on your plan, you could always walk over to the Casino and see what they are doing that punters seem to like.”

“And there it is!”

“You would then have a simple plan for promoting City Tatts that works!”

“By the way, this would cost about one tenth of the existing advertising and promotion budget, allowing most of it to go to members.”

For your consideration.

City Tatts Information Desk