Have a coffee with Marcelo Veloz – on your way out!

Remember what Marcelo Veloz said when he started at City Tatts? Remember “Drop in for a coffee and a chat” and “your input will assist me greatly”?

Keep that in mind as you read the following.

Recently a person we will refer to as The Mole got a bit lippy about the club and the Veloz structure and management decisions. We hear that The Mole was critical of a lot of what goes on inside the club. What made The Mole go off is anyone’s guess but what is really interesting is Veloz’s reaction.

It was not to talk to The Mole and try to paper over the cracks. Instead he took lessons from the Guilfoyle playbook on dealing with members who are concerned about the club’s management and served notice on The Mole to appear before the board for them to adjudicate on the comments made. This is exactly what Guilfoyle used to do. He would go to the board and tell the most outrageous lies about the member so that the board would have no option but to bar the member Guilfoyle wanted out, before the unsuspecting member could even open their mouth to defend themselves.

So why did Veloz feel the need to do this? Why didn’t he just talk to The Mole and ascertain what they were unhappy about? Maybe Veloz, like Guilfoyle, has something to hide?

Maybe The Mole does know something.

In fact they might know a lot more, so stand by for what we can find out from The Mole.

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The third inner circle addition – Noel Wilson

We mentioned Marcelo Veloz’s latest inner circle member, Noel Wilson. This bloke is a real find. We are not sure who to, or in what capacity, but maybe Veloz knows.

Why would we say this? Well, take this as gospel. This Noel Wilson is an A grade imbecile. He is in the Mark Cooper or Mark Lonngren class of imbecile. Got the picture now?

Noel Wilson is also a Veloz cronie. He worked at Revesby Workers Club. Our investigations told us that this is not one of the places Veloz used to work, so what’s the connection? A few well-placed calls told the tale. Wilson has an association through Veloz’s play pen at Revesby Workers Club. How neat and tidy, we say.

So Veloz brought him to City Tatts. There wasn’t a job for him so they let him have a go at Duty Manager. The only problem was that poor Noel would be flat out holding a pen let alone a job so he just didn’t make it as Duty Manager. Next they tried him as some kind of “Team Leader”. Another fail. So where did he get dumped? In maintenance. Yes, that’s right, in maintenance.

So now in maintenance you have Noel Wilson and Mark Lonngren working side by side, both totally useless. Both totally devoid of any ability except to walk around carrying a piece of paper and a blunt pencil.

We keep hearing that this Noel Wilson acts as Veloz’s eyes and ears around the club. Similar to Daniel Graham, another imbecile. City Tatts might be in a new business collecting imbeciles, a sort of Madame Tussauds of imbeciles. The collection now includes Marcelo Veloz, Mark Cooper, Mark Lonngren, Daniel Graham, Noel Wilson …..

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The Marcelo Veloz inner circle is getting larger

Not long ago we told you about Marcelo Veloz’s rather small inner circle. Well that is changing. It looks like the inner circle has adopted a few newbies.

First newbie you need to know about is the new head chef. He is straight out of Parramatta Leagues Club, where Veloz worked for a short time.

The second newbie is the new promotions host from none other than Cronulla Leagues Club. another past Veloz venue. Remember the blog detailing how Veloz built a sand pit there?

The third newbie is an imposter now working with Mark Lonngren in maintenance. This imbecile is known as Noel Wilson.

Now City Tatts probably needs a new chef. Nothing new about that because the turnover of kitchen staff is enormous, especially with the poisonous culture permeating through the club. Still we do wonder about this new bloke. We can’t believe that a chef would follow Veloz because of his business acumen, so what is it? Could there be a rort or two in the works?

And let’s look closer at the appointment of the promotions host from the Sharkies. This is a very interesting appointment indeed. We have it on good authority that a member was recently barred from the club because he vented his spleen about “irregularities” in the club’s daily promotional draws. Then Veloz hires another cronie from the Sharkies to do what? Run the promotions, that’s what. Is this a coincidence?

Just wait until you hear about Noel Wilson. We will keep you in suspense but it’s well worth the wait.

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Head of People & (Poisonous) Culture

Just when the club shook itself free of the original Hyphenator (Tudhope-Wickham) along came Kristina St Vincent. She was employed under Guilfoyle and did everything he said until she couldn’t take any more. She eventually left because of the bullying, she said.

How interesting. But don’t send the sympathy card just yet.

When Mark Cooper took over after Guilfoyle was shown the door, the first person he rang was Kristina St. Vincent and offered her the job back. We didn’t fully understand this at the time, and truth be told we still don’t.

When Kristina St Vincent returned she soon became Kristina St Vincent-Jones. Yes, another Hyphenator. Straight away we were worried. Well, the new hubby woke up early and had the marriage annulled so then we had, and still have, the Hyphenator Mark 2, but without the hyphen.

Now The Ferret has been on the prowl and heard from the City Tatts cradle that a fairly long standing male employee recently left because of the bullying he received from ….. Kristina St. Vincent. When he was asked the reason for the bullying his story was so unbelievable it was too strange for words.

You see the male employee is a gay man and obviously has had some male companions over the years. One of his past male companions turned up at the City Tatts Christmas party as a guest of a staff member. Surprise surprise, the staff member who invited this particular past boyfriend of the male employee was ….. Kristina St. Vincent.

Now we are going slowly here so we don’t lose anyone. Yes, the previous gay male partner of the City Tatts employee was now an accessory on the arm of Kristina St. Vincent, sort of like a fake Prada handbag. And that’s where the fun began.

Imagine how shocking this must have been for the Head of People & Culture. Her new husband left in a huff after a few short months of supposedly wedded bliss, but she had found someone else to chew the fat with. But then she discovers this new man was previously in a gay relationship ….. with a City Tatts employee! Is this unbelievable or what? But then again this is City Tatts, where Strange is the New Normal.

When she found out she decided to stick with the previously gay man but deep down she harboured a desire to wage war on the other man working in the club. And she did. According to sources, she just hounded this unfortunate person for no other reason than he was previously in a gay relationship with her current partner. And this is the Head of People & Culture?

Her title should be Queen of Poisonous Culture.

More to come on this one!

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Bullying is back on the menu at City Tatts

Bullying and City Tatts go hand in hand. Guilfoyle mastered the art of bullying, until he got bullied himself but more on that later. During his reign anyone he felt needed a jump start got bullied, because he knew the Committee would do nothing. Some people left because of it. Others hung in there, just to spite him if nothing else.

When he fell on his sword the collective cheering was deafening, mostly because of the bullying he had done and encouraged for years. After he got thrown out those left behind advised of a distinct change in the atmosphere of the club. The distinct difference being the obvious lack of bullying.

Enter Marcelo Veloz. He did it all also in previous roles and when blogs started to expose him he shit himself and turned nice guy. He started writing emails to staff addressing them as Dear PARTNERS.

Partners? Now what partner anywhere works for $20 an hour? The emails should have been addressed Dear SLAVES because that’s really what City Tatts employees are under this bluffer and the cronies he brought along with him from his previous clubs.

If being a slave isn’t bad enough staff now have to endure a return of the bully boy tactics, or in this case bully girl tactics.

It all starts, and finishes, with the Head of People and Culture (See previous blog Head of People & Culture!) This is the one person the staff should be able to rely on for fairness and equality, but not at City Tatts. This piece of work has bullied good people to the point of driving them from the club.

Her name is Kristina St. Vincent and her tactics would have you calling an ambulance to take you to St. Vincents. The hospital, that is. We are in the final stages of putting together an amazing story on this piece of work, which includes bias, discrimination, unfairness, trickery and downright bastardry.

The Ferret is on the case and will be reporting in soon.

Stay tuned.

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A Day At The (Randwick) Races

Have you seen the Mark Brothers movie A Day at the Races? What a funny movie. But not as funny as the last City Tatts Race Day attended by Tony Guilfoyle.

How funny is this.

The day was in October 2015. The club’s sponsored day was held in the Grand Ballroom for all the cronies Guilfoyle could muster. Jan Ellks was running around trying to look important, which was very difficult for her, as you can imagine. Also in attendance was Kirsty Assad.

Inviting Kirsty was a defining moment for Guilfoyle because it was around this time he started to tell people he had split from the wife. In typical Guilfoyle fashion he wasn’t man enough to tell people what really happened. Instead he gave them the embellished bullshit version complete with the four letter expletives he used when he tried to appear tough. The truth was that he was feeling the pinch without Mrs Guilfoyle to boost his confidence.

He did have some family support on the day though.

During the day a lot of alcohol was consumed. This was customary where Guilfoyle was concerned. After drinking at Randwick all day you would think that would be enough, but not for our man Guilfoyle. After the last race the Guilfoyle crew decided to have more drinks at the Doncaster Hotel not far from the racecourse. This is where things got heated.

We have it on good authority that Ms Assad, with the help of a little too many grapes, and Junior Miss Guilfoyle, albeit with a little courage, went head to head. We can report that Junior Miss Guilfoyle won by TKO after deciding to take matters into her own hands and defend her mother’s honour. A lot of four letter descriptions were hurled at Kirsty Assad by Miss Guilfoyle. The most prominent descriptor, heard many times during the bout, was four letters in length beginning with S and ending with T. Yes, you got it, SLUT!

Now what would cause Junior Miss Guilfoyle to think this, and then tell the entire Doncaster Hotel?

Do you have any idea?

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Guilfoyle fell apart when the missus kicked him out (2)

Mrs Guilfoyle smelled a rat and she too turned on hubby. Remember when we said he started to believe his own bullshit? Well an example of this was when he started paying young females lots of money to do non-existent jobs AND sleep with him.

When Mrs Guilfoyle turfed him out he put on a brave face but behind the facade he was feeling the pressure. Because without her he didn’t have the confidence to pull it off every day. When she dumped him he started to make mistakes, and the rest is history.

About a year after she dumped him he started drinking heavily and not showing up to work until the early afternoons, sometimes still hung over. It was at this time the relationship with Mark Cooper fell apart. We are getting mixed reports but we are piecing it all together and will keep you posted.

When Guilfoyle was booted out of home he needed a place to stay. We know he was living in a rented property. As you are well aware executive style rentals are not cheap. So who paid the weekly rent? With his track record do you think he paid it himself? Or did he just chalk it up to the club?

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