The Esperanto closes and everyone parties? (2)

Another piece of bizarre behaviour at the Esperanto closing down party was that Mark Cooper was invited. Just how difficult it must have been for Veloz and Campion to invite him, considering they have been telling people behind closed doors and out of Cooper’s earshot that he is dead man walking and will soon be disposed of.

Recall our previous blog announcing the treachery that has become normal at City Tatts? Now don’t think for one moment we feel sorry for Mark Cooper because he is one of the most disloyal treacherous people you will ever meet. But inviting this buffoon to the Esperanto farewell and pretending he is one of the team, as Veloz did through the night, just goes to show what a sick lot they are.

One thing is for sure, when Veloz drops the guillotine at least Cooper will know what it feels like to be used up and spat out for convenience sake, just like the poor old Esperanto and those loyal members who used the Esperanto for all those years, and paid with their own money.

The last question when Cooper gets the flick is will he look Guilfoyle up? They will have so much to talk about over a few beers. Only difference is that now they will have to pay for their own beers instead of stealing them from the club like in the good old days.

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Arrogant, Bullying and Dictatorial?

Did you see the headlines the other day: Arrogant, Bullying and Dictatorial? According to the daily press these headlines were a description of the culture festering at the Australian Cricket Association (ACA). Now we are not in the ACA but we sure are in City Tatts and let us tell you those headlines apply just as much if not more to City Tatts.

Just look at the carry on recently. The place is a shambles with the Chilean Embassy taking up full time residency in the admin area. If you don’t have a Chilean passport you need not apply. And if you have an existing role but don’t have a Chilean passport you are of no use to Marcelo Veloz, and you will soon be gone.

This is a clear case of bullying.

Now let’s look at the dictatorial part. Remember Veloz declaring war on the bloggers? Remember his threat to sack anyone who spoke to the blogs? Remember he said it wasn’t the blogs that would save City Tatts but himself? Remember that Nuremberg rally speech? Well let’s hope his future efforts are a little better than his recent vision of a Chinese Restaurant, because that one crashed and burned in record time.

Now what about Arrogant? Wouldn’t you just love to know what he told the committee when he floated the Chinese Restaurant idea? Imagine the bullshit that flowed about “increasing market share” and “appealing to a new demographic” and “increasing our cultural footprint”. How about “creating a new income stream”? Sound familiar? It does to us because it’s everything Guilfoyle would have said. Has Veloz done the same? You will have to wait for the answer because we have been in discussion with committee members and we just want to clear it with them before we publish exactly what lies Veloz told them about the Chinese Restaurant.

Maybe Veloz could use Master Chef’s drop in ratings as an excuse for Mongrel closing. One thing is certain, he will blame everyone except himself – and then paint himself as the man to save the situation he created!

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The Esperanto closes and everyone parties?

Really, the Esperanto closes and what do Campion and Veloz do? Instead of trying to rescue this time honoured icon these two clowns throw a party and invite every freeloader in the club for the party. It is almost inconceivable but that’s what happened. We know because we had people loyal to the City Tatts Information Desk at the party.

The stories we have heard from those at the party and the actual party are stranger than fiction but that is the new City Tatts, isn’t it?

For starters why call a party at all? Now of course Campion disguised the party as a farewell but those present recounted how Campion and Veloz tried to use the “gathering” as a public relations tool. They did this by inviting all their friends from the gym on the night and regaling over free food and wine stories of how great the Esperanto was.

Now if they were fair dinkum they would have been working on a way to keep it open instead of closing it. In fact Campion actually penned a poem celebrating the closure! So on one hand we hear how sad it is the old dear is closing but on the other hand we have a huge celebration whereby all the freeloaders are mustered for the last shout. Squeezed in between was Campion’s madness disguised as a poem.

If this is not bizarre behaviour we don’t know what is.

City Tatts Information Desk

Where the bloody hell is Mark Lonngren?

Where is Mark Lonngren for fu*ks sake?

We are looking for him because we need a little humour at the moment with all the mismanagement going on in the club. All this thieving is getting us down and to cheer ourselves up we just go looking for Lonngren because he is always a rich source of entertainment.

Well we were told he has been scarce lately because he is working offsite. Now let us tell you exactly where he is. He is working for Southern Cross Group! Yes, he is now employed by Slimy Sammy Johnson.

This really is stranger than fiction.

You see Lonngren was put on the transfer list by Veloz. This is hardly a surprise because Lonngren was one of the more dubious appointments at City Tatts. (See numerous previous blogs about Mark Lonngren)

But why would Sam Johnson want this useless piece of trash on his books? It is equivalent to employing a blind man to direct traffic on a main road.

The little picture tells a big story. The big story being just how cosy the relationship between Veloz and Sam Johnson is. Southern Cross Group end up with all the club’s top end contracts, and presumably give Veloz kickbacks along the way, but the biggest kickback has to be taking the most useless “contractor” in the club, Lonngren.

But having said all that we are still scratching our heads about this one.

City Tatts Information Desk

The secret herbs and spices – Mongrel style

When Mongrel closed we just couldn’t understand why it failed. That is until we remembered that master manager Marshmallow Veloz was in charge of strategy. After all you wouldn’t trust him with anything more than a kid’s jigsaw puzzle. would you?

Well we can report that one reason the restaurant was underperforming had a bit to do with cleanliness. Apparently the state of the kitchen was best described as filthy. This was no secret as all staff knew it. Even the health department knew and investigated.

Now one thing the health department didn’t know was the personal health habits of the restaurant staff. One example of this was the chef picking his feet with his bare hands in the club while on a break. Yes, this filthy grub was pulling the dead skin off his feet with his bare hands. Not only did staff know this but members also.

Then there was another Mongrel employee who would use the restaurant as his bedroom when on his break. This imbecile would just curl up and get a couple of hour’s kip before preparing for the evening shift.

Looking at these grubs and their personal habits we can only hope they washed their hands after going to the toilet. But if they were prepared to pick dead skin from their feet and sleep in the restaurant during their breaks they probably didn’t bother.

So there is just a little insight into how well Mongrel was managed. We are sure more horror stories will emerge when this one hits the public domain. So watch this space for more clues to the mystery of the disappearing Chinese restaurant.

City Tatts Information Desk

Mim’s the word

So Mim’s the word, eh? Please do tell us who Mim is.

According to well-placed sources Mim is the partner of Pete from Parra, the failed chinaman who couldn’t get Mongrel restaurant up and running.

What we have found out about this little treasure is pure City Tatts.

Back in the very early part of 2018 ordinary gaming staff were losing hours rapidly but one person was gaining hours: Mim. She started work as a gaming attendant and worked in that role up until Mongrel opened. Then she went from the gaming floor to the restaurant. Now how did this happen? How would the committee allow this to happen? Ordinary gaming staff lose hours and those same hours are taken up by the incoming Chinese restaurant manager’s partner, who has absolutely no history or experience at City Tatts?

So who is to blame for this? One guess, Marcelo Veloz, that’s who. This is one of his lowest acts yet, hitting ordinary workers in the hip pocket to give his mate’s wife the work.

Now how did Mim and her beau Pete go in the restaurant? Well the restaurant only lasted six months although they had 50,000 people walking past the front door every week and a direct marketing database of 15,000 members.

We found this so difficult to believe we rang Confucius to get his take. All he would say was “Me think this ‘mazing, so many people outside but restaurant empty?”

Also “mazing” is how the committee could let this cretin Veloz cut ordinary staff hours and give the same hours to his mate’s wife. All this after telling staff they were “partners” and his “come and have a coffee with me” crap.

We warned you about this bloke and this is another example of his trickery at work.

City Tatts Information Desk

Meet our CEO in waiting: Will Corbett

Will Corbett is a lot of things, most of them uncomplimentary, but he has now let it be known he sees himself as a future CEO of a club. This little announcement was made by the man himself not long ago, while drunk.

Now if you know Mr Corbett you would know that he got the gig at City Tatts through his old buddy and thief extraordinaire Trevelyan Bale. You see Will was in Australia on a backpacking trip from the motherland and looked up Bale. Bale actually sponsored Corbett and the rest is history. Now Corbett is masquerading as Operations Manager at City Tatts.

During a recent drunken session with staff Will announced to those present that he wanted to be CEO of the club. When someone asked if he was qualified for such a role he replied that he would be CEO one day, if not at City Tatts then somewhere else.

Now we must declare here and now that Will Corbett is not capable of being CEO of a shithouse let alone a registered club. So where do these delusions of grandeur come from?

According to industry sources it starts when the Will Corbetts of this world are given a little power. At first they see the opportunity and you can’t blame them for seizing it but before long they start believing their own bullshit and seeing things that are not there. Another way to explain this is to use the fallen hero Tony Guilfoyle as an example. He was let run along for too long and soon he was judge, jury and executioner and very smart too, or so he thought. No one pulled him up and what happened? The club is on life support.

So people in the club indsutry get ready for Will Corbett to unleash himself on you. If your club has been well-run for a while and you feel it is time for a change we highly recommend Will. Please refer to prior blogs for more details of his achievements at City Tatts.

Oh, one more thing, if there is anyone silly enough to consider this bloke for any management role outside of City Tatts be sure to put him on the breathalyser first.

City Tatts Information Desk