Is that nasal tan, Pickles Corbett?

Pickles Corbett was deep in discussion with a member a few weeks ago and while the member was talking they couldn’t stop laughing inwardly because Pickles has what is referred to as nasal tan. To the uninitiated let us tell you what it is. It’s a brown stain around the nose area.

Yes, Pickles Corbett has a brown stain around his nose! Next time you see him have a look for yourself. Maybe you can post a picture online to show everyone.

Now is this a natural birthmark, or is it a stain from, well, brown-nosing?

You be the judge.

To assist you we can tell you more or at least give you a hint. That is, Pickles is in line with John Alozis for the title of the biggest suck hole at City Tatts. If nasal tan is any indication of the level of sucking done Alozis is covered in it, Corbett too. These two run off each other giving ordinary staff a hard time. We thought we should put this out there so newbies are aware of the dirty tactics these two parasites get up to.

Why so they do it?

Because they are sick, that’s why. The funny part is they don’t realise people know they are a duo. Maybe they should be known as the nasal twins.

City Tatts Information Desk


This is an emergency!

There was an emergency at City Tatts last week.

Or at least that’s how management saw it.

Korean tourists couldn’t get to the duty free shop because the escalators were blocked by construction hoardings.

So what did management do?

They plastered the walls of the club with signs and arrows to point them towards a detour around the lift to the shop.

But this is City Tatts, where desperation and insanity are core values in the new mission statement.

So to get to the duty free shop by the alternate route the would-be shoppers had to walk up the stairs at the lift and turn right ………. through an “Emergency Use Only” fire door that had been wedged open!

We were so confused by this bizarre spectacle we contacted Confucius for guidance who said “Koreans can’t get to duty free shop? At City Tatts that is an emergency!”.

City Tatts Information Desk

Over a barrel!

Succession planning – City Tatts style!

So John Alozis is considering his position and you were wondering who will replace him when he goes? Don’t despair, we can tell you that Marcelo Veloz has been putting his succession planning skills to work and has invested heavily in Theo Benias.

Theo is now one of the chosen few, chosen because he is no threat to the Veloz systems, the lying and cheating systems that is. Theo is also useful because he doesn’t mind spreading lies and tales about staff going about their everyday work or members asking a simple question about THEIR CLUB.

Theo, we are well and reliably informed, loves writing long detailed emails to Veloz. Now if these “reports” were meaningful and of benefit to the club they would be welcomed. But they are full of gossip, and tales about ordinary staff and members, very much in the John Alozis mould.

Maybe Theo and John are related, after all they are both of Greek heritage? What’s the saying about Greeks bearing gifts? When it comes to this pair be very careful because everything you say goes straight back to Veloz, albeit in a twisted version to suit themselves.

Veloz was overheard referring to Benias as “my barrel boy”, a reference to Benias’ role of performing members draws. Maybe one day you will turn up for the draws and see Benias dressed as a clown. After all who knows what other tricks could be up his sleeve working as Veloz’s barrel boy and bum boy while he thinks no one knows.

What a circus.

City Tatts Information Desk

A closer look at the Commonwealth Bank loan

According to the City Tatts accounts the new Commonwealth Bank loan is for $350k. Now isn’t that the same amount Marcelo Veloz is paid for masquerading as CEO?

How funny, the club is now further in debt for the amount it pays its CEO!

Does this mean if the club paid its CEO what he was worth, something like $45k, it would only need to borrow $45k from the Commonwealth Bank?

Does anyone else see how strange the whole affair is?

If the club needs to borrow the same amount it pays its CEO wouldn’t it be fair to say he is paid too much? If you have a sane rational mind wouldn’t you have to come to this conclusion? Of course if you are a bluffer or a con artist you might suggest a bigger loan, somewhere in the vicinity of $500k, just to top up your wages. This would not be new at City Tatts considering Tony Guilfoyle was paid $724k. That is not a misprint, that was the total wages declared on his payment summary the year he got rolled.

As the tag line says “There is no other club like City Tatts”.

Maybe the tag line should be “At City Tatts we take out bank loans to pay our CEO for delivering nothing, because after all if the CEO was any good we wouldn’t need another loan, would we?”

City Tatts Information Desk

Why is Peter Hayes-Williams wearing a beard?

So why is Peter Hayes-Williams wearing a beard these days? Is he trying to hide from someone or something?

You be the judge: If you were on the Policy Committee of the Bookmakers Superannuation Fund when it was being ripped off by the trustees wouldn’t you want to hide too?

This was one of the key elements of the BSF fraud. After the four amigos rigged up the bogus Super Promoters scheme they installed themselves as the entire Policy Committee of the new fund – John Kennedy and Ian Buxton as Member Representatives, and Peter Mueller and Peter Hayes-Williams as Employer Representatives.

They knew an independent Policy Committee would have queried the scheme, or more likely contacted the Fraud Squad, so installing themselves as the Policy Committee eliminated this difficulty.

So this flea Hayes-Williams has a lot to be worried about. He is already under investigation for his role in robbing the fund. The matter is in progress and when the axe falls his will be one of the heads to roll.

ASIC have done nothing to date but they could be forced to act as the evidence mounts.

We can’t wait. You will hear the clapping and cheering all the way from City Tatts to Long Bay jail and back again.

Is it any wonder he is hiding behind a beard?

City Tatts Information Desk

Warringah has a new leader!

The recent Federal election threw up a few surprises, none more so than in the seat of Warringah. After the election it became apparent that the good people of Warringah had a new leader in the shape of Zali Steggall. Now at this point we must congratulate Ms. Steggall for her win but does Warringah really need a new leader considering Tony Guilfoyle is already in the area? After all Mr Guilfoyle was leader of City Tatts, the self-proclaimed leader we might add, for 12 years. Or that’s what he liked to believe.

We will be looking closely at Zali’s performance and hope for her sake it’s a whole lot better than Guilfoyle’s.

The correlation between these two is quite interesting.

Both promised a lot, both took office with a smear campaign against previous leaders, and both avoid answering the hard questions.

There is a difference though. Zali Steggall has qualifications. She is a lawyer, a practising lawyer before she made it to parliament. This is rather different to Guilfoyle who has no qualifications, in anything. His track record at City Tattersalls Club will confirm this. He took a perfectly good functioning club and turned into the shambles you see today, before moving on to sell cheap Taiwanese toys in pop-up shops in Zali’s electorate.

Now back to Zali and her election promises, namely climate change. We hear there is a move afoot to install wind turbines in Warringah to help with climate change. We are just checking the fine print but rest assured we will be back with more on this soon.

City Tatts Information Desk

John Alozis isn’t happy!

The City Tatts gaming floor is abuzz with the news that John Alozis is “considering his position”. He is telling all and sundry he isn’t happy and, wait for it, “the club isn’t what is used to be”!

Can you believe this?

Now let us tell you the full story of what this little piss ant has done for ten odd years: tell tales, give people up, stroke management egos, thieve lost pokie tickets, take money found in cash redemption terminals, scam credits left on poker machines – and he has the hide to say the club isn’t the same anymore?!!

John, when you are reading this we want you to think about what you have done during those ten years while you bludged off the system. We would also like you to think about how many were terminated because of your lies, either because you didn’t like them or you felt they posed a threat to you and your ways.

The club isn’t what it used to be?

Yes, people like you have played a big part in making it the toxic cesspit it is today.

In the old City Tatts you would have been the one to go.

City Tatts Information Desk